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On top of compliance with industry standards, our solutions are being thoroughly challenged and tested in more than 10 professional laboratories worldwide. We stand by you to help you achieve solid and reliable security.

What is BlackBear Intelligent Gateway?

  1. A military-grade Cyber Security solution
  2. Enables unidirectional communication through a physical barrier by applying a data diode, while providing the extra intelligence needed to transfer information that requires a request-response pattern.
  3. Allows data or media to flow from the Industrial Automation Control System (IACS, or OT) to the IT, Cloud, or enterprise network for all systems that require the highest degree of protection.
  4. Employs a Zero-Trust approach, utilizing content inspection to allow only validated information to pass.
  5. Provides horizontal and vertical contamination protection.
What is BlackBear’s Unidirectional Gateway?
How are Unidirectional Gateways different from firewalls?
How can BlackBear help?​


How are Unidirectional Gateways different from firewalls?

Defense in Depth

Unidirectional Gateways and firewalls are complementary

Critical assets and utilities, such as power plants or water treatment plants, are usually protected by firewalls and/or air gaps. Firewalls control data flow by flexible codes and configurations. They are prone to misconfiguration and vulnerabilities, so common vulnerabilities and exposures may cause insecurities.

Matteo Tabarelli de Fatis
International Sales Manager
With air-gap solutions, where the system is completely isolated from outside networks, no data can be transmitted out, but real-time information update is also restricted.

Matteo Tabarelli de Fatis
International Sales Manager
Unidirectional Gateways, or Data Diodes, are physically enforced with a hardware isolation mechanism and provide 100% confidentiality and segmentation between networks. They are additional security measures for especially vulnerable network segments since Data Diodes will let data pass only in a pre-defined direction.

Matteo Tabarelli de Fatis
International Sales Manager







Based on # of Rules

Low to moderate

IP Information Security

Network proxies

Protocol proxies




System updates

Required Periodically

Little to none




How can BlackBear help?

To protect your assets and your processes,
we deliver military-grade and industrial cyber-security solutions.

We protect from outside dangers

We protect assets, subnets, or systems
from any cyber attack or ransomware
originated upstream, no matter if it’s
your IT, the Internet or Cloud.

We protect from inside dangers

Through our patented technology, our
solutions block hidden or intentional
threats originating from the IACS/OT
side, which may spread both horizontally
in the operations or vertically to the IT side.

We protect from new threats

Leveraging our Zero-Trust approach, our
technology protects you against all those
viruses, ransomware, or threats that do
not exist yet, without any need to update.

We inform you when
something’s wrong

Our patented technology not only blocks
threats through the FPGA, but also forwards
complete invalid packets to your SOC
(secure operation center) for analysis.

We deliver last-mile security

By supporting robust VPN and MACsec
encryption, we add an additional layer of
last-mile security to all communications
originating from our solutions upstream.

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