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A different bidirectional approach to data diode solutions

Frequently, data diodes have been deployed to create an “air gap” between the Operational Technology (OT) network and the Information Technology (IT) network, protecting critical OT processes from the open risks of IT. Yet, what if your application necessitates two-way communication, the most common network topology? Are data diodes still applicable for securing these systems? YES, through bidirectional data diodes.

Case studies

Robust and secured networking solutions for substations

Electricity serves an important part to the economy and to people’s day-to-day activities. A power grid that fails can cause catastrophic damages.

Secure your OT with Data Diode and IDS

Convenience and productivity have introduced more attack vectors to the OT environment and created more opportunities for malicious activities.

Secure your smart grid PLCs

Protecting PLCs in a smart-grid digitalization system. These days, PLCs are more integrated and interconnected with other complex systems and open source solutions.

Securing sophisticated machines with high data transfer rates and complicated protocols

when machines act as the brains for operation and are connected to a lot of industrial devices, a security breach can put the whole operation at stake.

Streamline NERC CIP Compliance with BlackBear Intelligent Gateway

Failure to comply NERC CIP can lead to penalties up to $1 milliion USD per day depending on the violation severity.

Fortifying Offshore Operations: Cybersecurity for Oil and Gas Platforms

Flow computers are critical components in the oil and gas mining platform offshore.

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