About BlackBear Cyber Security

We provide unbreakable networks and critical infrastructures.
The best choice for your utilities business.

Our vision & mission​
By keeping our core values​
We can...​
Our Corporate Values
Value, delivered

Our vision & mission

Our commitment to deliver the most advanced Industrial Security

Connected industries enable opportunities never seen before, but every connection opportunity introduces security threats.

Threats to your

Threats to your

utility up-time



By keeping our core values of





We can...

Our Corporate values

Steady, strong, and absolutely secure

Our sophisticated information specialists employ
meticulous attention, comprehensive technology,
and reliable group support for industrial networking
to provide you unfaltering CyberSecurity.

Matteo Tabarelli de Fatis
International Sales Manager

Value, delivered

It’s about adding value at all stages
to give you the flexibility and agility you need to meet specific project requirements.

We’re more than your basic supplier: ​

we study your needs,

we design,

we deliver.

30+ Years, and counting

Born from the solid roots of the BlackBear Industrial Group, we bring together competence in OT, Cyber Security, and Networking, as well as lots of experience.

We do it ourselves

Whether it’s FPGA, software, patents, hardware, or mechanical design, you can rest assured that our technology comes from a solid team and robust know-how.

We stand by your side

By our commitment, you receive the soundest, most reliable Industrial Security and most professional, trusty service, guiding you step-by-step along your journey to achieve your goals.

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experience in
industrial networks

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validated by renowned
OT cyber security labs


around the world

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for software and hardware

Validated by

Proven excellence

Penetration tests

Our technology has passed
penetration tests by various
professional laboratories
around the world.

Cybersecurity standards

Our solutions comply with ISA
62443-4 SL3 through two basic
principles, Defense in Depth and
Zones & Conduits.

Industrial grade specifications

Leveraging over 30 years of group
experience, our products run with
industrial-grade EMC and wide
operation temperatures, and can be
deployed in a broad range of harsh environments.

Your Security is Our Duty

Contact Info

Phone: +886-3-5501898
Address: No. 146, Sec. 1, Dongxing Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County , Taiwan
Email: sales@blackbear-ics.com


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